What is Whiteboarding?

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As the time approaches to launch off into the world of software engineering and technical interviews, there are a few things that come to mind. How am I supposed to prepare for technical interviews? What are the companies looking for in a candidate? Are my technical skills up to par with all the software engineering candidates out there in the world?

It seems obvious from my line of questioning that impostor syndrome has struck yet again, and so in order to calm my nerves, this article breaks down the ins and outs of what is expected in a technical whiteboarding…

A quick guide to set up a project

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So, I am currently working on a React frontend and Rails backend project with my partner, Nunny Reyes(shameless plug), and even though some aspects of setting up the foundation of a project has become muscle memory, unfortunately, a majority has been lost in the files of my mind. So here is a little refresher for myself, and all of those that need it. Also note, I have added links for all resources of ideas that are important, in the article.

Planning Process

I have come to learn(the painful way) that it is very necessary to plan, plan, and plan. If anybody…

Part Two Series for whiteboarding the .map( ) native function

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In my previous blog, I had built out the .map( ) native function-showing a closer look of what it is under the hood. Here is a quick review of the code that I wrote. This code will be used in demonstrating what happens under the hood when JavaScript is executing a block of code.

function map(array,callback){
let newArray=[];
for (let i=0; i<array.length; i++){

return newArray

What is an Execution Context?

By definition, an execution context is a place in which JavaScript code is executed and evaluated. I find it easier to think of it as a house. Depending on which room you…

The first part of a small walkthrough on how to build the map() function from scratch

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Not so long ago, a friend had challenged me to build out the .map( ) native method in JavaScript from the ground up and to take it a step further and whiteboard what happens when it comes to the global execution context, global memory, and the call-stack. Being a complete, and utter newb at the coding game, I took one look at the challenge and exited stage left.

Looking back at it, it was a daunting task, especially for someone who had just learned how to declare a variable with let and const, but I have found that learning how…

Kalkidan Taye

I am a software engineer, passionate about uplifting the community, coding for the greater good, and art/fashion. Follow me on instagram @the_ethio_coder

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